About Us


The main objective is to provide a Formal and authorized link between Moroccan Students and Foreign Universities to Study Abroad, Our Primary goal is to ensure those students who are planning to study abroad are given professional advice and information on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner in processing their applications for admission.


Uwin International Center Quality Educational Advisors ensures the quality of knowledge and skills of students. Our basic aim to provide quality educational consultancy to students and help them in the process of admission in top ranking universities of the world.


Education world wide faces the challenge of changing demands and opportunities within the increasing movement of student seeking international qualifications of repute accepted in the global market. In order to Achieve our aims we operate a full time Education Counseling Service.

Our story

Uwin International Center  was established in 2019. Uwin is the most prestigious name of unshakable trust in Foreign Education and career counseling Consultancy in North Africa including “MOROCCO , ALGERIA , TUNISA , EGYPTE , SENEGAL  . Uwin is primarily established to help students to gain access to Career programs Abroad from all over the world but now it’s working for many institutes from all over the world.

In very short time we have made our name in the market and our work ability and our satisfied service is proving of our goodness. We have served the needs of hundreds of Moroccan students seeking education abroad. Our Students have generally been highly successful in achieving their professional and educational goals in almost every country of world.

About Us

Uwin International Center, Education Consulting Agency Located in Morocco, Help Moroccan Students To continue their study abroad

مركز يووين الدولي المتخصص بالتوجيه المدرسي للطلبة المغاربة المهتمين بالدراسة في الخارج في جامعات ذات جودة تعليم عالي و معترف به عالمياً